Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ancient Beauty

Every decade or so beauty trends come back.  

Some good, some bad, and others we are just not sure exactly what to do with.  One inparticular is Oil pulling. Also known as Gandusha. An ancient indian ritual.  It has been circulating in magazines and websites lately and there's been lots of reviews on it.  So I decided to check it out for myself.  After 5 days I noticed a whiter smile and some health benefits such as fresher breathe in the morning as soon as I wake up.  The taste is nice because it is sweet.  But remember not to swallow, use it as you would listerine.  The oil draws out all Impuritites and in return can help with any bacteria and toxins in the mouth or any that are connected to your lymph nodes located along the jaw, near the ears, annd in the neck.  Which means clearer nasal cavity and pharynx.  This is perfect for all my prego friends who seem to be having pregnancy gingivities or any other mouth concerns.  

Here are some articles about Oil Pulling.  If you want to give it a try read this and decide if it's something for you.  Here is a picture of the organic coconut oil I purchased.  I got it at whole foods.  Good Luck!

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